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We often get asked questions about our service and our range of products or for advice on how to fit window blinds correctly, here are some of those frequently asked questions and I hope they help you in choosing our blinds.

Are cord and chain lengths now fixed?

Yes, the child safety standards determine the cord and chain lengths, retailers and installers are bound by these standards.

Do the safety devises have to be fitted?

Yes, professional installers must install the safety devices and explain there use. There are no exceptions in homes.

If you are installing your own blinds, make sure you read the instructions and install all safety devices.

Do we sell blackout blinds?

We have a selection of Blackout Roller blinds and Vertical blinds which are great for cutting out the light.

Do you supply screws and wall plugs?

We do not provide screws and wall plugs as everybody’s situation requires different screws. The type and length of screw required depends on the material you are attaching the blind to (i.e. wood, concrete, metal, drywall etc). We recommend you obtain your screws and plugs from reputable DIY stores.

How do I decide what size of Blind I need?

Please click here for our comprehensive measuring guide.

Take a good look at the window where you are planning the blind to be fitted. The windows may open inwards therefore the blind will have to be fitted further away from the window in the recess or even on the outside of the window. This also applied to handles. Watch out for anything that will stop the blind from operating correctly, like dado rails or tiles always take the smallest measurement otherwise the blind won’t work.

Will the colour samples on the web site match my blind when it arrives?

We try wherever possible to get the colour match and texture of the blind correct however monitors vary in colour and we cannot guarantee that the colour on your screen will be the same as the blind you order.

We recommend ordering a free sample that way you can see what the colour will be like. Click on the link above to select your samples.

How are my blinds delivered?

All our blinds are delivered by courier. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Could you deliver my blinds to a different address?

Yes when you place your order you will be asked to advise the delivery address. This can be your own address or a different address. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

How long will it take for my blinds to arrive?

We estimate 10-15 working days for your blinds to be delivered, however sometimes there may be unforeseen circumstances but we would advise you of this as soon as possible.

Can I return my blinds after I have ordered them?

All blinds are made to your individual specifications and therefore once an order is place you can not cancel it. Returns will only be accepted if the goods are faulty.

What if my blind doesn’t fit?

If you have ordered more than one blind in the same fabric or slat colour check that you are fitting the correct blind in the correct window. If your blind still does not fit email us at to discuss how we can help you.

What do I do if my blinds become faulty?

Contact us at or call us on 0191 388 0498 and explain what the problem is we will try to solve this over the phone if not your blind will be covered under the 12 months guarantee, we will arrange for collection and repair it free of charge.

What type of blinds would best suit my bathroom?

Bathrooms tend to become steamy it is therefore best to choose a blind that can cope with these conditions. Aluminium Venetians are ideal as is blackout roller blind. We would however recommend ordering a free sample before choosing.

The louvers of my vertical blinds are not in line with each other what should I do?

This is easily rectified, pull the control chain until the slats are in the closed position, then gently force the chain and the carriages will realign themselves. Don’t worry if you hear a noise from the head rail this is perfectly normal. The components in the head rail are self aligning and therefore can complete the operation.

I have a favorite football team can you make blinds to match the colours?

We can sometimes make Vertical or Venetian blinds with alternative slat colours just contact us at or call us on 0191 388 0498 and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

What if I can’t see what I am looking for on your web site?

Call us on 0191 388 0498 and we will be happy to help you.

I want a blind bigger than your maximum size what do I do?

Contact us on 0191 388 0498 and we would be happy to discuss your options.

I need to match a colour with the blind what do I do?

We suggest finding a colour that best matches your requirements then order a sample to check the colour match.

Will my blind be the same colour as my sample?

All blinds are made from the same stock so your sample will match your chosen blind, please remember the wood blinds are a natural product so there may be a slight variation in the colour.

What is the difference between exact and recess?

When you place an order for a made to measure blind you will be asked if the measurements are exact or recess. An exact blind will be made to precisely the measurement you have entered onto the site. A recess measurement is required for a blind you would like to fit into the recess of your window. Measure the recess from wall to wall, give us these measurements. We will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. This usually means we will deduct 1cm from the width of your blind. With roller blinds we also have to make allowances for the fittings at either end of the blind as there is no head rail. This means we have to deduct 30mm of the fabric for an exact measurement and 35mm for a recess measurement. Please see our how to measure page.

What is the colour co-ordinate braid on roller blinds?

The colour co-ordinate braid is a decorative trim that is put on the bottom of the blind to complete the look. This looks particularly good on the bottom of the turret and scalloped bottom of the blinds.

What type of wood are the wooden blinds made of?

Buy Blinds Direct wood Venetians are made from basswood that is grown in sustained and managed forests, this is perfect for Venetian blinds because of its strength and flexibility. The wood is kiln dried which stabilizes it, cut into slats and then stained to a specific colour, because of the nature of the wood you may experience slight warping of the vanes.

How do I install my blinds?

Please see our installation guide for the type of blind you have bought.

What is the manufacturing tolerance for made to measure blinds?

We have a tolerance of + or - 5mm for all made to measure window blinds the only exception is the Velux range which are made to the Velux window frame size.

Can I fit blinds into a square bay window?

Yes the best thing to do is see our how to measure guide and follow the instructions.

Can you recommend a blind for a door?

Door blinds can be made to measure to suit a door in either Roller blinds, Aluminium venetian blinds. These types of window blinds will allow you to mount the blind directly onto a door. Your quality online window blinds supplier.