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A decorative finish to the end of the operating cord of a venetian blind or on the central cord of a spring loaded roller blind.

Aluminum blinds

A type of blind that refers to horizontal aluminum slat construction that comes in 25 mm width slats.

Automatic cord lock mechanism

A mechanical mechanism that locks the raise and lower operating cord of a venetian blind or roman blind.


An excellent timber used in wood venetian blinds, from the Tilia family of tree's.

Blackout blinds

The fabric used in blackout blinds has a coating on the reverse side to prevent light passing through. Used in roller and vertical blinds .

Bobble control chain

Control chain made of cord with moulded plastic balls.

Bottom chain

The chain along the bottom of vertical blinds to help with stabilization and spacing.

Bottom weight

An injection moulded plastic weight or rod which is inserted into a pocket of a vertical louver blind or a roller blind to help in stability and rigidity.

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Fittings used to fit the blind to a wall or window frame, they can be either face fix or top fix.

Cafe rod

The bottom finish to a roller blind that has a rod inserted made of either wood or metal .

Children's blinds

Refers to blinds made from a blackout material to help aid light sleepers.

Cord lock

The mechanism used in a venetian blind or roman blind to lock the blind in a raised position.

Dim out blinds

Refers to a blind fabric that will block out about 60% of light.

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Door blinds

Door blinds made to measure to suit a door by Roller blinds, Aluminium venetian blinds are suitable for a door mounting. Your quality online window blinds supplier.

Face fix

A type of bracket used to fix the window blind to a wall or window frame surface.

Faux wood blind

A wood blind made out of a plastic material to look like wood.

GGL code

The code used in velux windows to determine which type of blind fits.


The hanger is placed into the top pocket of a vertical blind vane (louvers, slats) to allow the fabric to hang off the head rail.

Head Rail

The box section along the top of either a venetian blind or vertical blinds, which houses the control mechanism.


The vertical fabric strip that makes up the louvers of a vertical blind.

Pin end

The opposite end of a roller blind tube to the control end.

Plain bottom

A straight edge finish to the bottom of a roller blind.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blind fabrics are folded in a horizontal concertina to give a crisp clean fold and light weight blind.

Pull cord

The cord attached to the bottom of a spring roller blind to either lower or raise the roller blind.

PVC blinds

The fabric is made of pvc allowing easy cleaning with blackout quality's. Can be made into either roller or vertical blinds.

Raise and lower control cord

Method of raising and lowering a venetian blind by use of a polyester cord.

Ready made blinds

Blinds pre made to stock sizes for the customer to trim to their exact sizes so given a lower price and speedy delivery.

Roller blind fabric

The roller blind fabric is stiffened to prevent fraying and creasing.

Roller blind

This is a window blind that simply rolls the fabric around a tube when operated by either a side control chain or spring loaded tube.

Roller tube

A cylindrical tube on a roller blind that the fabric wraps around.

Roman blind

A soft fabric blind or real wood that gathers into pleats when raised.


The finished edge to a roller blind bottom.


The operating mechanism of a roller blind that allows for easy operation and accurate positioning of the blind.


The individual vertical fabric of vertical blinds, in 89mm width.


Used inside of a roller blind tube to roll the fabric back up.

Tilt chain

The beaded cord mechanism used to rotate the louvers of a vertical blind.

Tilt cord

A corded mechanism used to tilt the horizontal vanes of a venetian blind.

Tilt wand

The method of tilting the horizontal vanes of 25mm aluminium venetian blinds.

Top fix bracket

A bracket that allows the blind to be fixed to the ceiling or lintel.


The mechanism used in vertical blinds which are situated in the head rail allowing the louvers to be attached and drawn across the window with a smooth action.


The horizontal strip of fabric used in vertical blinds, can be opaque or blackout material.

Velux blinds

Window blinds made specifically for velux roof windows found in loft spaces.

Venetian blind

A blind made up of horizontal strips of wood or aluminium in widths of 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. The venetian blind gives a modern look with a high degree of light control.

Vertical blind parts

These are used to repair vertical blinds for example you can replace the top hangers and bottom weights and chains.

vertical blinds

A window blind consisting of strips of horizontal fabric hanging from a head rail allowing the fabric to traverse across the window and tilt closed.

Vinyl blind

A window blind made from pvc fabric, easy to clean and blackout quality's.

Wand control

The wand control is a clear plastic stick found on the venetian blind, used to control the horizontal slats opening and closing.

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Window blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds.

Wood venetian blinds.

Roller blinds.

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Window shades

Aluminium venetian blinds.

Wooden blinds.

Vertical blinds.

Roman blinds.

Window treatments

Aluminium venetian blinds.

Wood venetian blinds.

Roller blinds.

Vertical blinds.

Roman blinds.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds in either a venetian blind or vertical blind.